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Sport and Movement

Welcome to the Work Group for Sport and Movement!

The work group for sport and movement is dedicated to researching and teaching about matters of kinesiology and scientific training.


  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Schmidt
  • Dr. phil. Reinhard Jansson
  • Julian Schumacher


The work group's research is focused mainly on

• the analysis of human movement

• the organization of highly complex movements

• the "individuality of human movement"

• the process of motor learning

• the further development of analytical methods concerning these fields of research (movement pattern recognition in particular)

A holistic approach to human movement endeavors to preserve within the analysis of movement behavior the complexity and context of the way humans move their bodies. The core methodology is built around movement pattern recognition using artificial neural networks. Within that framework, it is possible to classify previously unknown groups and also to correlate qualitative and quantitative data (operationalized in prior studies based on kinematic data and the knowledge of experts).

Key teaching subjects

• motor learning

• motor development

• individuality of motor learning

• individual learning and training within a heterogeneous group

• the situational nature of sports (and games)

• elementary aspects of scientific training and kinesiology

• coordinative and conditional skills, along with their trainability

• perception and movement